Opera Studio School

* Cultural Association Nonprofit *  (23.11.15)


Art. 1

The Association is based in San Lazzaro (BO), in Via Salvo d’Acquisto, n. 4. With resolutions of other offices may be established or delegations both in Italy and abroad.

Art. 2

The association has no profit, is non-denominational and non-party and founded his own membership structure on the principles of democracy and aims to:

  • promote the study of song in all its branches, information and innovation in general and in the sciences of music, with the study of all the orchestral instruments and hybrid, also electrical and electronic as well as modern culture in general, as a means of human formation;
  • support the creation of social and communication, in particular by promoting initiatives and highlighting the best Italian and foreign musical promises, awarding them with publications of their works or writings deserve to encourage the same later in the studies supporting the access to subsequent programs MASTER and / or PHD or other activities of expertise relating to the areas mentioned above; – Promote, organize and manage, all the problems affecting the members to the association;
  • organize “trips” or meetings for groups of shareholders, to attend the performances, concerts, etc. in various Italian and foreign theaters with the main aim of discovering new talent voice.
  • program at its registered office, or in other places (public or private), managing the organization of concerts, shows, musical or cultural evenings listening, conventions, conferences, symposia, round tables, debates for the treatment of all kinds of arguments based culture and music;
  • develop new technical audio / visual for the realization of operas or concerts with the latest methods and innovative ones; 
  • work together to make every possible contribution of ideas, initiatives, proposals and inventive for the study and solution of the problems of the sector, as well as the artistic, cultural and financial risks;
  • agree and associate with other similar Sodalities in order to join forces in order to facilitate organizational development and improve the dissemination of culture and music with the intention to enhance the image and the bargaining power of associations united in the interests of their members ;
  • to join or not to Association or National bodies to coordinate the classes, protection and representation at regional or national level.
  • The same association without further formalities may also accede to form consortia, associations, or societies for the telematic data processing, such as databases, electronic mail, etc. for. in order to reduce the cost accounting and management and to receive a technical assistance of high prestige technician;
  • the association may, with the only resolution to the Council, sign up (both optionally as those prescribed by national or regional) the Registrar or Albi Regional, Provincial etc …
  • will, also, promote all other initiatives considered useful and important for the association and its members with respect, however, the rules set out above and with the strict obligation may arise where the surplus, not to assign the same in any form or title, the penalties provided for by current law;
  • promote, to this end, studies and research in the above areas through the granting of awards and scholarships to be awarded, following a competition, graduates and / or graduates either through research grants up to six months for graduates in areas set out above that should go elsewhere, domestic or foreign, to deepen the knowledge of musical technique;
  • propose and organize concerts, information courses and vocational training courses (funded by international organizations, national, regional, local, public and / or private) to prepare, where necessary, the professionals working in the areas in which the association ;
  • create topic in the disciplines in a dialogue with the media and mass media (newspapers, Radio, TV, Internet, etc.);
  • perfect the technique of acting and interpretation of works and songs also sacred character with innovative teaching methods to improve the level of artists or students in music in general;
  • establish a database in order to produce information material and instructive for the operators of the Association and those who want to embrace and make their own purposes that the association it is proposed;
  • organize courses and insights to facilitate the integration of young people and job seekers in the labor action to achieve this even if they occur all the requirements and expectations, to establish a School of Music Training;
  • promoting cultural exchanges and an active musical collaboration, organizational and welfare groups and with Italian and foreign companies, and to promote the technical training of young researchers;
  • promote studies, publications and awards related to the activities of intellectuals who have contributed significantly to the development of society.The association also contributes to the pursuit of its activities including the organization of workshops, seminars and conferences as well as the promotion of specialized publications, the care and the publication of material documentation and training also through audiovisual and multimedia and more through the involvement of partners in operational projects of public record and study.The association collaborates with national and international bodies, establish and maintain contacts with centers and institutions that carry out activities in areas of interest to the Association. It can fulfill all the operations mobiliari and real estates deemed, by the Executive Council, necessary or useful for achieving the company. The association will have an agreement with local authorities, the regions, the State, municipalities, provinces and any other institution and national and international organization.To achieve its aims, the Association in conjunction with celebrations, anniversaries or awareness campaigns may also occasionally promote public fund-raising including through offers of goods or services of little value to the investor.All in accordance with the Legislative Decree no. 460/1997 and the rules, laws and regulations concerning cultural associations nonprofit, or if you experience the conditions, the subjugation to the rules laid down by Law 398/91.