Ph.  Franco Fussi

Fussi is a physician MD specialized in otolaryngology and speech therapy. He is the Head of the Ravenna NHS Audiological and Phoniatric Centre and, together with Silvia Magnani, is the scientific director of the training programme (Alta Formazione) in Artistic Voice Science of the University of Bologna (Ravenna Campus).

He teaches “Communication Pathology and Clinical Medicine” in the first cycle degree programme in “Speech and Language Therapy” of the University of Bologna (Ravenna Campus) and teaches “Audiology and Phoniatry” in a post-graduate programme at the University of Ferrara.

He is phoniatric consultant at the:

– Teatro Comunale in Bologna,

– Accademia d’Arte Lirica in Osimo and Martina Franca (Ancona),

– Accademia Rossiniana in Pesaro,

– School of Italian Opera at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna.

He has taught Artistic Voice Science in several workshops held by schools of opera singing and conservatories.

He is the curator of the column “The mysteries of the voice” for the magazine “L’Opera” and has published many articles on the physiopathology of the singing voice in scientific and musical magazines.

He is the author of the following books:

“La parola e il canto” – (The word and the song)

“Dizionario di Linguistica” – (Linguistic dictionary)

“L’arte vocale” – (The art of the voice)

“Le voci di Puccini” – (Puccini’s voice)

“Lo spartito logopedico” – (the speech arrangement)

and si co-author in many other publications.

He is member of the Collegium Medicorum Theatri